Our 10-Year Wildfire Anniversary

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  1. Elizabeth,
    I remember well so many losing their homes in the Witch Creek Fire, including you and another family just from our writier’s critique group. We lost our sanctuary at Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church in that fire, which involved a long process of healing, fund raising, and building again. A friend posted a picture of the flames coming up to Maranatha Christian Schools and miraculously stopping. The Lord stakes us through our trials. I’m glad we don’t face them alone.
    Please tell your family hello for me. I miss all of you. K. Hughes

    • We miss you too! Yes that photo is so powerful. I remember seeing your church and watching it be rebuilt – I drove by it all the time when we lived there. So many were affected. I’m glad you’re doing well now! Thanks for reaching out. Please stay in touch!

  2. Beautifully written~ I’m sure it will bless others as they too will be affected be fires, floods, and other nature disasters. You will bring some calm and reassurance with their experiences.

    • Thank you Marissa, that is our great hope to help others have a smoother path or at least know they aren’t alone.

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